Review: Voigtländer Ultron 28mm 2.0


Sony A7s mit Voigtländer Ultron 28mm 2.0
Sony A7s with Voigtländer Ultron 28mm 2.0 and VM-E close focus adapter (Helicoid)

The Voigtländer Ultron 28mm 2.0 is a quite small wide angle lens with Leica M mount. You may look up the specifications here on the official homepage. The lens is a quite modern design and has been introduced around 2012.

Sample Images

venice night sunstar ultron 28mm 2.0 sony a7
Sony A7s | Voigtländer Ultron 2.0/28 | f/11 | full resolution
sunset sunrise sun sunstar ultron 28mm 2.0 contra light
Sony A7s | Voigtländer Ultron 2.0/28 | f/11
abstract black and white b/w stairs ultron 28mm 2.0
Sony A7s | Voigtländer Ultron 2.0/28 | f/4.0 | full resolution

It is one of my favorite lenses on the A7s. Phillip read my reports about it and asked me whether I would like to write an in-depth review about it.  Hopefully, at the end of this review, you will know why I like the Voigtländer 2/28 so much.

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Sony a7ii vs Sony a7

This is a rather personal comparison of the Sony Alpha 7 and the Alpha 7 ii. I will try to cover as many aspects as possible but my focus will be on those which matter most to me personally, so you won’t read much about video but quite abit about manual lenses.

I bought my a7 in November 2013 so I have used it for more than two years and I have used the a7ii for close to two months now.


Sony a7 vs a7ii – Summary

  • The a7ii has an integrated stabilizer
  • The a7 does suffer from sensor reflections, the a7ii does not
  • The a7ii has a more ergonomic grip but it is also significantly heavier
  • The a7ii has mount made of metal, the a7’s mount is partially made of plastics which caused some issues.
  • The a7ii offers improved AF performance, it even works qite well with some adapted Canon EF lenses
  • The a7ii has a more ergonomic shutter release
  • The a7ii offers a better video codec
  • The a7ii is about $600 [check] more expensive

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Rolling Review: Zeiss Loxia Distagon 2.8/21 T*


The Zeiss Loxia Distagon 21mm f/2.8 is the latest addtition to Zeiss succesful Loxia line. It is the first Loxia lens that features a new optical design. As with all Loxia lenses, the focus and aperture rings have to be operated manually. All lenses of this line use an electronic connection to communicate EXIF-data and to activate the focus magnification while turning the focus ring .

Sample Images


f/5.6 | ISO 160 | 1/1600s


f/5.6 | ISO 100 | 1/500s


f/2.8 | ISO 100 | 1/2000s

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The latest news: A new author and upcoming Loxia 2.8/21 Rolling Review

Hey folks,

I just wanted to let you know that for the first time I can welcome another author on my blog. His name is Jannik Peters and he shares my passion for manual lenses.

We have been in communication for some time now and I am sure that he will provide some very interesting reviews.

He will start with his own Zeiss Loxia 2.8/21 which should arrive today. So stay tuned ;-).

If you have any questions about the Loxia 2.8/21 then please leave a comment, I am sure that Jannik will be happy to answer them.



Review: Carl Zeiss Contarex Planar f=50mm 1:2


The Zeiss Contarex line was Zeiss’ last attempt to produce a competitive camera system in Germany; after that production moved to Japan. Zeiss put a lot of effort into those lenses and cameras. You can read on the internet that they created a line of lenses which is considered by some “the best ever, optically and mechanically“.

So I was curious and bought a Carl Zeiss Contarex f=50mm 1:2 to see whether this assessment checks out. Today the Planar 2/50 is the cheapest of the Contarex lineup but it is still quite expensive at around 300€. I will review it as I would review any other lens, and see if the hype about this lens is justified.

Sample Images

Sony a7 | Zeiss Contarex Planar 2/50  | f/8 | full resolution
Sony a7 | Zeiss Contarex Planar 2/50  | f/4 | full resolution
Sony a7 | Zeiss Contarex Planar 2/50  | f/2.8 | full resolution

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Affordable manual lenses for the Sony Alpha 7,7r,7ii,7rii and 7s


This is a collection of good manual lenses which are available for less than $100, it is meant as a resource for photographers who own a Sony a7/ a7r/ a7ii/ a7rII and want to discover the world of manual lenses without breaking the bank.

To learn more about a lens please check one of my reviews or follow the linked test. You will find the average price for a copy in good condition in the description for each lens.

All links market with a * are affiliate links. If you use them I will receive a small commission on your purchase without any additional cost to you. So if you found this article helpful using them is a great way to show your support. Thanks! 

You can find this article in German on

Wideangle lenses

Canon nFD 2.8/24

Canon_nFD_24mmf2p8-6This would be my suggestion for someone looking for a small, sharp and affordable wideangle lens to take landscape images.
Weaknesses are mustache distortion and mediocre built quality.

240g | $85 | my Review | sample images

buy from ebay* | adapters on amazon*

Sony a7 | Canon nFD 2.8/24 | f/11 | full resolution

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