Jannik’s flickr page

Bastian’s flickr page

Phillip’s flickr page – Phillip’s everyday photography

Phillip’s  second flickr page – Full resolution images, images for this blog and postprocessing samples

Our facebook page – Phillip’s German blog Bastian’s workshop site (in German)

Forums Alternative Gear and Lenses – Our favorite forum for lens and camera related talk. We can only recommend the  Sony A7(r) Images Thread.

Systemkamera Forum –  a German community for mirrorless cameras

Lenses – Roger Cicala is a photo geek par excellence and runs the quality control department of lensrentals. Which is great for the photocommunity because when he tests lenses he can test many copies of the same lens so his data is much more reliable than for example mine because he can test many copies and not just one.

Ron Scheffler’s Blog – Ron has published some really informative tests mostly on rangefinder lenses

Photozone – rather technical reviews for most modern lenses

Kurt Munger – reviews of all Sony lenses – A large collection of old magazine tests‘s flickr sets of many manual lenses

Minolta – Dennis has created the most comprehensive database on Minolta lenses I know of, especially useful is his Minolta lens index

Das Minolta Forum – a German forum for Minolta and Sony related talk. Their Knowledge about Minolta is huge and Phillip’s love for Minolta was kindled there. – Stephan has published some great reviews of the most important A-mount lenses and he also tested some Minolta Rokkor lenses on a Nex-5n and an a7. Some parts of his homepage are in German. – the site has many reviews from the film era which are still informativ today

Ad Dielmans lens gallery – high quality images of most Minolta Lenses – Many tests of Minolta lenses on the Nex-5n


Ben Horne’s Youtube Channel – He is a large format landscape photographer and produces some awesome video journals

Thomas Heaton‘s Youtube Channel – Also a landscape photographer – online magazine about landscape photography, a bit film centrist and British but I like that

Optical Knowledge

Introduction to lens design by Brandon Dube lens aberations

Other – Matt is a friend of Phillip and writes about Samsung NX cameras and lenses.



4 thoughts on “Links”

  1. To whom it may concern
    I would like to check with you, on SEL2470Z about the lens. Where is the lens made? As mine is made of plastic at outer of the lens. Hope to hear from you.


  2. Hi Phillip, thanks for your informative site. Have you used, or do you know about, the Tokina Minolta AF 28-70mm AT-X Pro f2.6-2.8 on the Sony A7R? Thanks for your kind reply. Gilbert

  3. Hi!
    First of all, thank´s for great info and thoughts about lenses and cameras. Also nice pics that can give the reader some positive new creative ideas.
    A lens tip: Sigma 70 mm f2,8 macro. I have used it in my work as a professional Photographer together with Sony A7mk2 and a Metabone (Canon). The 70 mm is sharp from corner edges to the center already on f2,8 (some vignetting). It has a nice way of dealing with details that are not in focus, and is very usable at f16 with excellent result specially att closer distances with leaf, fungus, plants etc . Landscape works perfectly with this lens, since there are not many lenses that can separate the needles in e.g. a distant Pine forest,
    Lasse Arvidson, Photographer specialized in Forestry and forest in the Nordic countries. My work is mainly for magazines and Forestry companies.

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