Announced: Voigtlander 35mm F2 Apo-Lanthar

Cosina just announced the Voigtlander 35mm F2 APO-Lanthar.


Diameter 63 mm
Length 67 mm
Filter Thread 49 mm
Weight (no hood, no caps) 352g
Max. Magnification 1:6.4
Close Focusing Distance from the sensor 0.35 m
Number of aperture blades 12
Elements/ Groups 11/9


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  • Adopted an apochromat design that makes the on-axis chromatic aberration of RGB, which constitutes the three primary colors of light, as close to zero as possible. A semi-wide-angle lens that doubles as the APO-LANTHAR 50mm F2, a standard lens that pursues ultimate performance. It combines the performance of the best quasi-wide-angle lens in Voigtlander history with the compactness and ease of handling. Main features:
  • Compatible with Sony E mount. Equipped with electronic contacts, the Exif information of shooting data reflects the usage status of the lens. In addition, since it has a built-in distance encoder, it supports 5-axis camera shake correction on the camera body side. It is also possible to enlarge the viewfinder by operating the focus ring.
  • Optimized optical design A full-size image circle is secured and an optical design optimized for the Sony E-mount sensor is adopted. High resolution is maintained up to the periphery of the screen, and phenomena such as color cast are suppressed.
  • apochromatic design to correspond to digital sensors with high pixel current, and thoroughly suppress longitudinal chromatic aberration and lateral chromatic aberration.
  • ball blur 12 sheets squeezed to enjoy the representation aperture blades not only F2 open F2.8, F5.6, adopted a special shape to be circular even F16. It is possible to draw using “ball blur” such as a point light source.
  • Manual focus that enables reliable focusing. By adopting an all-metal helicoid unit that has been processed and adjusted with high precision and high-quality grease that produces appropriate torque, focusing with a smooth operation feeling is realized. Allows for delicate focus adjustment.
  • Aperture click switching mechanism Equipped with an aperture click switching mechanism that can open and close the aperture ring steplessly without generating a click sound. There is no need to worry about picking up the aperture ring operation sound when recording a video.

No surprises here. The 2/35 APO inherits the 2/50 APO’s aperture design, CA correction as well as the mechanical construction we have come to appreciate.

Our Expectations

As Voigtlander lenses have been very consistent in the past and Cosina emphasizes the close relationship to their excellent Voigtlander 2/50 APO we have very high expectations for their 35mm lens. We expect class-leading sharpness and correction of axial CA as well as excellent handling. We are especially curious about the bokeh.

It is funny: The field of E-mount 35mm has been crowded by rather mediocre lenses (by current standards at least) for the last 6 years, with the huge Sigma 1.2/35 being the first optically excellent 35mm to arrive in 2019. But then we got the excellent Sigma 2/35 two months ago (David and Phillip have bought one and are very happy with it. Review coming when it is done) and Sony launched the surprisingly compact GM 1.4/35 to a very loud chorus of praise by sometimes more and sometimes less independent reviewers. And we would be very surprised if the Voigtlander wouldn’t join the ranks of these excellent lenses, giving those who put emphasis on optical perfection an even harder time to decide.


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16 thoughts on “Announced: Voigtlander 35mm F2 Apo-Lanthar”

  1. If this lens is anywhere near to the 50mm APO I’ll want one. You are correct about there being lots of mediocre 35mm lenses for e-mount.
    The Sigma is simply too enormous and the Sony GM is more of a 35mm-50mm with its outrageous focus breathing.

    1. To be honest, if you go back to the reviews of previously released 35mm lenses for E mount, the focus breathing is quite heavy for Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art and Sigma 40mm f1.4 Art. Similarly for FE 24mm f1.4 GM and FE 20mm f1.8 G. So it is not a problem for you with those lenses, it probably will not with the new 35mm GM.

  2. will be a stellar lens for sure and a joy for landscape photography.
    The problem for me personally is that i mostly use 35-50mm primes in scenarios where i cannot live without AF…
    Is there a 35 GM review coming too, despite pruduction issues?

  3. Both Sony 35GMF1.4 and VE 50/2 APO would be similar MTF but different trait and usage. Most photographers want to keep both for worthy enough.

  4. Woah bro that looks badass. lol I don’t think I, a college student, could warrant buying one when I already have the Zeiss Jena 35 2.4 that I bought a few months ago but if it is excellent wide open and has nice bokeh, contrast and tonal expression for portraits and has good sunstars and flare resistance, I might have to get it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. (*not a request*) but it would be fascinating to see a Sigma I – series 35 f2, Zeiss Loxia 35 f2, and Voigtlander APO 35 f2 head to head comparison!

      I would expect the Loxia to have best stopped down micro contrast, sunstars, and overall character, the Voigtlander to have the best wide open performance and uncompromising correction of aberrations and sheer resolution with otherwise great contrast and the Sigma to be a great budget and user friendly with great resolution, though less impressive and more ‘sanitized’ than the Voigtlander

  5. The issue with 35 or 50 mm lenses is that they are usually first in a new product line. Only over time, production issues, tooling and design knowledge matures, but the early products stay mediocre while the later improve. It’s only now, with a second iteration that these focal lengths gain from all the knowledge that had been gathered over the years.

    But, yes, the upcoming Voigtländer will be a banger. No doubt. Waiting for your test to prove it. Though, the 50/2 was a bit too perfect for my taste afair.

    1. Have been waiting for this since I started using the 50apo. For me it’s images are spot on but I have always wanted something wider.

      Something I haven’t heard mentioned before is that when I amusing the 50apo I have no doubts. I know, I feel, that I am shooting with perfection and that the quality of the shot is just down to me. I have the camera and the lens that is the best I could have. This means a lot. Having doubts about my equipment only brings me down and therefore gets in the way of my work. It’s a kinda GAS thing but it’s real and I’m sure troubles others. In fact I’m sure companies take advantage of this mental disorder!! Haha.

      I guess I must say that I strive for perfect images – corner to corner, back to front, top to bottom, front or back lit. The 50apo takes it all and crushes it. I think the review on here is a bit harsh on the 50apo… I do think it’s best lens I’ve used in nearly 40 years!

      I just hope the 35apo arrives before the bluebells come out.

  6. I own a CV 50/1.2 and i want to add a 35/1.2. I really love the APOs but my usage at those focal lengths requires either autofocus or the occasional speciality of shooting at F1.2.

    Looking forward to a review.

    1. I think this makes sense. I’m in the same boat. I’ll splurge for better OOF rendering any time, but sharpness differences aren’t enough. Second to that would be speed.

  7. Great news – the 35mm f/2 Apo-Lanthar is exactly what I was hoping for! No need to carry around a focus by wire 1kg behemoth (Sigma); no overpriced compact plasticky focus by wire lens -if you’re lucky enough to get a good copy- full of gimmicks I have use for(GM), nor the well-built and respectable yet flawed and overpriced Loxia.

    Finally a state of the art compact manual focus 35mm, with excellent build quality and handling. I have the other 3 Apo-Lanthars, and with this 4th Apo-Lanthar along with my 15mm Heliar, 25 & 85mm Loxias, I’m pretty much set!

  8. Correction: “…no overpriced compact plasticky focus by wire lens -if you’re lucky enough to get a good copy- full of gimmicks I have NO use for(GM)…”

  9. Will you guys be reviewing the 35 1.4 GM when it’s available? I know you usually focus on MF lenses, but the GM is very promising and would be a highly appealing alternative for those that want/need AF and don’t want to carry a bazooka (Sigma) around.

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