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Fullframe E-Mount (FE) Reviews

These lenses all cover a full frame sensor as used in the Sony a7, a7r, a7s, a7II, a7rII, a7sII and a9. They can of course be used as well on APS-C cameras like the Sony a6000 or a6500 but with a narrower field of view.

APS-C E-mount (E) lenses

These lenses do not cover the full frame, they are meant to be used with Sony’s APS-C cameras like the a6000 or a6500 but you can use them in crop mode on the a7/9 series.

21 thoughts on “Sony FE lenses”

  1. Hi Phillip:

    Any views on the new Sony 85mm/F1.8 versus the older 85mm G.Master. I am literally just walking in to the Sony ecosystem and am very keen to get one at this focal length for portraiture.

    I am also looking to get something in the 35mm range. A little homework tells me that the Sigma 1.4 35mm might be the sharpest one, even when compared to the Sony’s native lens.

    Thanks you your blog, I have a decent array of Minolta’s in the 50mm range. Any other recommendations on what other native lens I should get shall be very much appreciated.

      1. Many thanks for your prompt response. Just finished reading through your EXCELLENT review of the FE 16-35. Its one of the lenses I am thinking about. Do you think it makes sense to get it alongside a 35mm prime? I do not want to go crazy in the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) however I want to get a good lens. I was initially thinking of getting a used Canon 16-35 and adapting it to Sony however the more I read, the more I am leaning toward getting a native for auto focus especially because the price difference isn’t much (Sony-Trade-in Promotion).

        I look forward to your review of the new 1.8 85mm versus the G.Master especially considering the almost $1000 dollar difference. I am sure the bokeh alone cannot be worth the additional$1k but I am not expert and would need guidance.

        1. I have both the FE 1635 and the Voigtlander 35 so I think it makes sense. But I have way to many lenses 😉

          Don’t expect a review of the FE85 too soon, I am more focused on manual lenses at the moment and Jannik who owns the GM85 is so happy with it that he won’t be tempted to try the FE85.

          1. Hahah, I believe that feedback from Jannik to be consistent with the wider set of users. Thank you for your responses again.

  2. Can someone know if bombo lens adapter for voigtlander 12mm E mount be able use Lee filter holder 100mm? I mean I just need the bombo lens adapter and Lee 100mm filter holder.

    Thank you

  3. Do you guys have any plans to test the SEL1224g andthe Voigtländer 12mm E Mount version?

    I’m looking to get an Ultra wide 12mm lens

    1. Jannik owns the Voigtlander but he also owns a one-year old so it will take some more time 🙂

      The 4/12-24 seems to be an awesome lens with stronger corners than the Voigtländer but not as great flare resistance or sunstars. But I am note sure that we will have a review of it too soon.

      1. Yes I can imagine Jannik has his hands full at the moment. 😉 Look forward to a review of the FE 4 12-24. I might rent one in the meantime to see what it’s like.

  4. Hi Phillip,

    Any chance you will review any more APSC lenses?Like the 35mm 1.8?Or sigma 30 1.4?There are a lot of reviews out there,but I love the way you do yours,and it will be very helpful for me to decide between the two.

  5. hi Phillip, I have been building my gear, is been hard since it is expensive (at least for me) but do not want to compromise quality or wish i had gotten this instead of that. I did a lot of research and got me the sony A7r2 and the 35mm 1.4 distagon ZA. I am pretty happy with the combo. although wish they were smaller but they perfomance justifies the size and weight.
    I want fast, primes with excellent quality picture.
    what would you suggest to have a fair combination of lens?
    I leaning towards the 65mm 2 voightlander, 21mm 2.8 loxia and the 135mm batis 2.8. and perhaps the 10mm 5.6 voighlander. anny suggestions would be highly appreciated

    Thank you kindly

    1. Apart from the 5.6/10 these lenses are best in class. The 5.6/10 is only in class and therefore best in class as well but a bit softer in the corners. The significantly less wide, G 4/12-24 has better corners but it is larger with weaker flare resistance.

      1. seems like you think highly of the 85 loxia and the 65 Voightlander, and if you add the 85 1.4 GM, in your personal opinion, would be a better choice. apart form price ?

  6. I understand where you are coming from now.
    85 1.4 is pretty limited to portraits, because of the size, and weight.
    while the 65 is versatile, smaller, cheaper, less obstructive, and cheaper. yet awesome performance. so it would make sense to buy it as well.
    your review reminds me of car reviews is not only the engine, but overall, as far is price, MPG, insurance, resale value, performance and etc. not just looks.
    thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Phillip, very kind of you.

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