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The complete Sony FE list gives you specifications for any current E-mount lens* and is a handy tool to quickly compare specs. If you have any question or suggestion how to improve it please leave a comment.

Note: The first sheet only lists lenses with exif-support. See no-exif sheet for lenses without electronic contacts.


*which covers fullframe

36 thoughts on “FE List”

  1. Sony 100-400 GM has 9 aperture blades not 11

    Sony description (GER) “Zirkulare Blende mit 9 Lamellen für wunderschönes Bokeh” / (ENG) “Circular 9-blade aperture for beautiful defocus effects”

  2. You might want to specify that the list only includes lenses with electronic contacts. For example you don’t include the Laowa lenses even though they are Sony E mount and your provide reviews of several of these lenses on the website. Alternatively you might want to include these lenses and probably the Samyang/Rokinon manual focus lenses that come in E mount without contacts and maybe some others (the Kipon branded lenses) as well. There would be other choices to make too. The 7 Artisans 28 f/1.4, for example, comes in a version designed for Sony E mount even though it doesn’t come in a Sony E mount. I think any decision is sensible, but a little more information about what you included and didn’t include I think would be useful.

  3. Oops, I found the no EXIF, but I obvious found it a bit hard to find, perhaps noting that there are the two spreadsheets and a link to each from the main page would be useful.

  4. The new Sony 20/1.8 seems to miss the AF tag (it doesn’t show if you select AF).
    This tool and your whole website is strongly appreciated!

  5. Thought “strictly” speaking the “Voigtlander VM 40mm f/2.8 Heliar for E-Mount” is not a true E mount lens it was however designed for use in combination with the “Voigtlander VM-E Close Focus Adapter and is optimized for Sony mirrorless cameras. Perhaps it should be included in the FE” list since it is an interesting and extremely compact lens for an owner of a focussing M to E adapter. I see in the comments for the Close focus adapter that BastianK wrote tried the lens.

  6. Sony FE 4-5.6/28-60:
    weight 168g, length 45mm, dia. 65,8mm

    Sony FE 50/1,8:
    weight 168g, and NOT 186g.

    (measured it myself)

  7. What do you think about a further segmentation in fix and zoom lenses? Or at least as attribute (like focus), because now you can’t filter between them properly.
    Furthermore, the 45mm 2.8 Sigma is also a “DG DN | Contemporary”.

  8. You are missing the AF lenses by Yongnuo
    -YN 35mm F2
    -YN 85mm F2
    You are also missing the
    -Meike 85mm F1.8 AF

  9. The comment for the Sony 14mm F1.8 GM „ just a Nokishita leak so far“ should probably be removed

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