Lens & Accessory Summer Sale

Many of us here at the Phillipreeve team acquire too many lenses (and sometimes also accessories) and with some of the manufacturers it also isn’t easily possible to return the review samples after we reviewed them, therefore a bunch of stuff is for sale now.


I will ship to all european countries and all prices are without shipping. If you live in Germany you can add 6€ for shipping, within EU should be around 16€.
Payment is possible via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

I will only ship insured with DHL. If you want to come to Stuttgart you can also check out the lens you are interested in in person and we have a little chat.

All the items come without warranty.

If you are interested leave a comment with your Email address and I will get back to you.

7Artisans 28mm 1.4 FE+

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Analogue Adventures – Part 8: Going small with MS-Optics lenses


Leica M6 with MS-Optics 50mm 1.0 ISM and 24mm 2.0 Aporia

When using Leica M cameras I generally try to stick to using small lenses, but there is a problem: small lenses are usually slow and I find slow lenses (at least non-ultrawides) incredibly boring.
My workaround is using some of the MS-Optics lenses as they try to be small, lightweight and fast at the same time – at the cost of some optical compromises obviously.
I was a bit hesitant to use these lenses on film at first (doubts about rangefinder accuracy, focus shift and field curvature) but I decided to try nevertheless and exposed 4 films mainly using the 24mm 2.0 Aporia and the 50mm 1.0 ISM. How did it work out in the end? Let’s have a look.

24mm 2.0 Aporia

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Leica M6 | 500T | MS-Optics 24mm 2.0 Aporia | f/11

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