Getting started with manual lenses

If you want to get started with manual lenses we can only recommend you to read Phillip’s Beginners guide to manual lenses on the Sony a7.

We also have a guide to manual lenses that perform well on the Sony a7 series and cost less than $99.

Finding the right lens

You can always have a look at the full list of all our reviews but we also have a growing series with short summaries of each lens which makes orientation easier:

To find the right adapter check out our adapter guide: Adapters for Manual Lenses on the Sony a7 series: The Guide

Using the camera

In working with the Sony a7 Phillip gives you a few tips on how to use the Sony a7.


Some time ago Phillip wrote an article on post processing and he still works quite similar today.

Best lenses for Sunstars

In this article we show you the best lenses for creating sunstars.


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