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On this page we have collected a few questions which we are asked rather often.

How can I support your work?

Thanks for asking! An easy way is to tell others about our work. So if you found article x helpful you help us a lot if you share it on a forum, on Facebook or wherever with people who might be interested in it.

Another way to support us is by using our affiliate links. If you click on a link and buy anything from diapers to photographic gear we get a commission of a few percent. We each have our own affiliate links and the money goes 100% to the author of each article.

We used to have a paypal button but dealing with that company is annoying so we took it down.

Please review lens X

This blog is a hobby project. While most other blogs of similar size must feed at least one person who has to align their work with the commercial success of articles we don’t. We monetize this blog only with affiliate links and no other kind of advertisement, paid promotions or whatever. This allows a us a much higher degree of independence than most other blogs. We think that you will notice that in the reviews.

We would love to help you but a full review is a time investment of two to three working days. We don’t review lenses because they are popular but because we are personally curious about. So while we get quite a few requests to review certain lenses we usually have to say: “Sorry none of us is interested in that one”.

Please compare lens X to lens Y

A full comparison is about as time consuming as a review and rather boring to perform. So we do comparisons rarely and only if we are personally interested in the result.

Is my lens decentered?

We put together this article so that you know how to test your lenses.

Will you review any more APS-C lenses?

We all use Sony a7 series cameras at the moment so we have no reason to use and review APS-C lenses.

Do you wantΒ  to borrow lens X from me for a review?

Thanks for the offer! Usually though we are more limited by the time we don’t have than the lenses we don’t have and our answer is no. Most of the time we have a few lenses waiting to be reviewed. When we are looking for a specific lens we usually ask on the blog or at Facebook. There is one exception though: If you have a rare or expensive lens we might be interested. So if you want to borrow us your Leica M 1.4/75, 2/180 Apo or Zeiss Aposonnar 2/200 don’t hesitate to contact us :).

Can I write a guest post?


If you have published a review or similar articles before and if you have an interesting proposal please get in contact with us. We would especially like to cover lenses for video more.

If you have no previous experience writing articles we suggest that you try to gain some experience by writing a review in a forum or on your own blog before. We try to maintain a rather high standard and if we have to invest a lot of time to work on a review of somebody else we prefer to do it ourselves πŸ˜‰

How do you get exif information with manual lenses?

There are two ways. You can use the lens compensation app with cameras which support apps. Or you can add them later at home with a tool like LensTagger.

If you add them later you somehow need to keep track of your lenses and settings. There are different strategies to do that:

  • Phillip takes only mental notes but that works well enough for him since he was always good with numbers. What also helps is to have a limited number of lenses and not use too many different aperture values.
  • David usees the video button to leave self notes: “last pictures of xxx all with ZM at f7.2” etc…. LR imports them in sequence, so it’s easy to listen and use Lens Tagger.
  • Bastian sometimes uses the “Lens Compensation” playmemories app, but there are some caveats: it only works somewhat decent on gen2 cameras and it slows the camera down considerably.

The prices you give in you reviews are way too low!

Usually they aren’t.

For used prices we research the prices by checking for how much auctions for copies in working condition ended on ebay in the last few weeks. Buy-it-now-prices which are usually a lot higher aren’t factored in.

We don’t update these prices since that would mean that we had less time for more productive writing. Prices and the value for money evaluation therefore valid for the time the review was published and prices can have changed since then.

Can I pay you to publish our article?


Can I advertise on your page?


More Questions

If we left any questions unanswered please ask them in the comments πŸ™‚

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