Taking Pictures

This is a link collection for our blog posts related to the creative process involved in photography.

The Manual Photographers Series

In this series we portrait photographers who use manual lenses for most of their photography just like us, if you are interested have a look at our Manual Photographers Landing Page.

Analogue Adventures

Bastian is trying to find out if it still makes sense to shoot analogue film in the 2020s. Find all the related articles on our Analogue Adventures Landing Page.

Making of Series

In this series we explain how we created some of our photos.

Bastian’s Write-ups

Juriaan’s Write-ups

Phillip’s Write-ups

7 thoughts on “Taking Pictures”

  1. Hi Phillip,

    I just want to tell you how much I admire and identify with your work. For a very long time I’ve been looking for a photographer who I can learn and grown from, if not simply emulate. Coming across your work has answered that need for me. Thank you! Please let me know if you ever offer any workshops.

    Sprague Theobald

  2. I have been a photographer all my life and a cinematographer for forty years. I love your photographs.

    I too am a bit nuts about lenses, but when I look at your work, I am reminded of the great beauty of light in a natural setting.

  3. Hey Phillip & team,

    I hope you are well. As we approach 2018 I’d love to hear your thoughts on the following.

    Your lens buying journey paying particular attention to what you have noticed between Minolta & Canon legacy primes, and modern Sony FE and Voigtlander primes for example. Where did you start, where have you ended and why. Where are you headed?

    I purchased my Sony a7r2 about 2 years ago and quickly started buying FE and legacy lenses. I now have several 35’s and 50’s for example. I’ve bought Minolta, Canon and Pentax primes to compliment my FE primes.

    I write this for selfish reasons as I’m considering rationalizing my lens usage to a few small primes.

    At 35mm for example, I have the large Sony Zeiss 35/1.4, which I love. I have the Pentax 35/2.8, which I wish I used more. I’m considering the Voigtlander 35/1.7 Ultron as my daily lens and selling the Sony/Zeiss to finance. A mistake?

    At 50mm it’s even more cluttered. I have the Sony/Zeiss 55/1.8, the Minolta MC 55/1.7, Canon FD 50/1.4 and the Mitakon 50/0.95. Crazy!!

    At 85mm I have the Batis and the Bokina

    I’m fascinated to hear about your journey, where you have ended up and why.

    Many thanks for all you do and have done. You’re a genuine inspiration.


    1. wow, that are many questions which would require a longer answer. I’ll try to make an article out of it but I don’t promise I will find the time for that.

      In very short: My process is that I keep what I use and I sell what I don’t use. Use is a looser term though and some lenses I use only 3 or 4 times a year.

      I don’t see myself selling the Canon FD 4/300 L any time soon and I keep my nFD 1.4/50 but apart from those I don’t use much FD glass. It offers great bang for the buck but since I not that limited in my budget as I was 4 years ago I prefer other glass.

      My Minoltas I use more frequently since I enjoy using them more and there is something about the images which I can’t describe in scientific terms.

      If I have the time I still prefer manual lenses a lot and my favorite lens at the moment is the Voigtlander 2/65 APO and I also enjoy my Voigtlander 1.7/35. A Loxia 2.8/21 is planned. But I am happy to own the FE 4/16-35 for trips with company when the AF allows me to work quicker. The images I take on these trips are not as good as when I am on my own but I wouldn’t want to miss them.

      So as I have less time and more money I enjoy a bit more expensive, modern glass but I still favor manual lenses.

  4. Hi,
    I noticed that there is a broken link to article “4 tips to improve your astrophotography”. It leads to “Review: Zeiss ZM 35mm 1.4 T* Distagon” instead.

    I like your web. Great job!


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