Testing two 45-year-old wideangles on 61 Megapixels (guest post)

Since the introduction of mirrorless camera with shorter flange focal distances the usage of vintage lenses grew rapidly. With full frame bodies like the Sony A7R II or newer with 42 or 61 megapixel, it is interesting to know whether those lenses are still usable on those cameras and can be a cheap alternative for the manually focussing photographers out there.

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Review: Samyang AF 35/1.4 FE – High Performance with Issues

The Samyang AF 35/1.4 FE is the most affordable in the croweded field of fast 35mm AF E-mount lenses. I this review I try to answer the question if it is a smart buy.

Samyang AF 35/1.4 FE Review

Most images in this review can be found in full resolution in my Samyang AF 35/1.4 FE flickr set. There you can also browse samples in a very high quality browser.


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New year’s reflection

Before we really begin 2020 on the blog I would like to take some time to reflect the last year, offer my thanks to the many people who made the blog what it is and write a few words on where I think we are headed.

Personally I finalized my education and started into my first real job which brought with it moving to a place with much better access to nature so I spend more time in nature and took more images which really improves quality of life for me. I also found and a little more time for the blog but most of the content came from the team and I don’t expect that to change.

I am really grateful for having the team I have. I think it is rare that one starts a project and is then joined by a few like minded people who are driven by the same passion and who bring the project forward with so little friction and good spirit. When I have my focus elsewhere and not on this hobby project I can be sure that the blog is in good hands so it never feels like a liability to me. Thanks guys!

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