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Voigtlander 50mm F2 APO-Lanthar announced

Voigtlander announced a new 50mm F2 APO-Lanthar in E-mount.


Diameter 63 mm
Length 61 mm
Filter Thread 49 mm
Weight (no hood, no caps) 364g
Max. Magnification 1:6.4
Close Focusing Distance from the sensor 0.45 m
Number of aperture blades 12
Elements/ Groups 10/8

The recommended price in Japan is ¥ 120,000 which is equal to about $1100. For comparison: The Voigtlander 1.2/50 has a recommended price of ¥ 150,000 and sells for $1099 so I would expect a price around $1000.

The official release date is December.

Data based on this source. No official release from Cosina directly yet.


First thoughts

Our praise for the optical performance of the 2/65 APO and 2.5/110 APO was very high indeed. The published MTF look phenomenal but we are not sure if they are comparable to Zeiss’ MTFs. The only real issue with both macros have is that their weight and size makes them less ideal as everyday lenses. And the 2/50 addresses that.

So this sounds like a really interesting lens for those who want a lens well suited for a 61MP sensor. We expect the Voigtlander to outperform any other current 50mm lens in terms of sharpness across the frame and CA-correction.  For now that is just a guess but I think it is a safe one based on the performance of the other two APO-Lanthars.

One interesting question is how the bokeh will compare to less well corrected lenses like Voigtlander’s own 1.2/50 which has excellent bokeh.

We will try get out hands on one as soon as possible which will probably be in December.

Lenses to sell

Because we all have way more lenses than we can actually use we have a number of lenses to sell.


Shipping: I am shipping at cost with DHL and only to the EU. To Germany that’s 4.99 €, to the rest of the EU usually 13.99 €.
Payment: Bank Transfer or Paypal for Friends.
Contact: just leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Laowa 15mm 4.0 Macro (E-mount)

laowa 15mm 4.0 f/4 macro f/4.0 review 42mp high resolution makro close focus flare e-mount a7rii a7riii
Laowa 15mm 4.0 macro with hood attached

Overall Condition: 5/5 (only used for the review)
Cosmetical Condtion: as new
Optics: as new
Includes: lens, hood, both caps and original box

Price: 410€ + shipping


Shipping: Australia Post Tracked Parcel within Australia

EMS (via Australia Post) worldwide. Will charge at cost, if you enquire and tell me where you are I can find out. But typically $35USD to most places.

Payment: Paypal for Friends

Contact: :eave a comment, or


Voigtländer 10mm f5.6 E mount. Mint (4.7/5)

Price: $US 790 + shipping.

Images etc: if you contact me with your email address I can send you images, don’t have time to do it right now!


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Review: Tamron 46A 70-210 mm f/3.8-4

Tamron 46A 70-210 mm f/3.8-4


The Tamron 46A 70-210 mm f/3.8-4 was the final version of their affordable tele zoom lenses line.The handy zoom range is combined with a minimum focus distance of 90 cm which results in a max magnification of 1:2.9.
How does this cheap zoom perform in the modern age? Read on to find out!

Tamron 46A 70-210 mm
Tamron 46A 70-210 mm
Tamron 46A 70-210 mm
Tamron 46A 70-210 mm
Tamron 46A 70-210 mm
Tamron 46A 70-210 mm
Tamron 46A 70-210 mm

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Zeiss Batis Sonnar T* 85mm f1.8: A Review

The Zeiss Batis 1.8/85mm lens has generated less excitement than any other Batis. Perhaps because it falls between the stools of two competitors: the excellent and cheaper Sony 1.8/85, and the Sony G Master 1.4/85. People think if you don’t want the GM lens, with it’s beautiful bokeh and low mechanical vignetting, you should maximise your savings get the Sony.

Often in the introduction to reviews we write teasers – Is this true? Read on to find out!! No teaser here. It’s not true. By all means get the Sony if you aren’t up for the added cost of the Batis. But the Batis is a great lens, worth the price if you can easily afford it and are looking for an all-rounder. Now for the teaser: read on to find out why.


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