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Lens Guides Updated and Upgraded

As you may or may not know we have several guides on fullframe E-mount lenses:

Keeping these guides up to date takes a lot of time but I nevertheless try to do it on a yearly basis.

That time has come again so I just spent about 3 weeks doing exactly that, this means many new lenses have been added and the prices and also the recommendations for many lenses have been updated.

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A few days ago I asked you what you think would be a good platform to get announcements about new posts any maybe also start discussions or simply chatting.

Discord was mentioned quite often in your comments. I did some research – as I didn’t know much about it – and it does indeed offer some features I was looking for. I also like that it is you who decides what you want to see and not some algorithm. So I set up a Discord server where already some of you joined.

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Lens & Accessory New Year’s Sale

Many of us here at the Phillipreeve team acquire too many lenses (and sometimes also accessories) and with some of the manufacturers it also isn’t easily possible to return the review samples after we reviewed them, therefore a bunch of stuff is for sale now.
Update January 30th: removed all the sold items


I will ship to all european countries and all prices are without shipping. If you live in Germany you can add 7€ for shipping, within EU should be around 16€.
Payment is possible via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

I will only ship insured with DHL. If you want to come to Stuttgart you can also check out the lens you are interested in in person and we have a little chat.

All the items come without warranty.

If you are interested leave a comment with your Email address (it will not be visible to the public) and I will get back to you.

Former Review Samples:

Funleader 18mm 8.0 Pro

Funleader 18mm 8.0 pro m-mount e-mount review caplens contrast sharpness pancake tiny lens

The E-mount sample from this review.

Comes in full retail packaging. Centering not perfect (right side worse).

39€ + shipping

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Laowa FFii 90mm F2.8 CA-Dreamer Macro 2x: getting close!

A couple of years ago, with samples taken on the last major overseas trip I took before Covid closed the world for quite a while, I reviewed the Laowa 100mm macro. I concluded it was good and sharp, a little challenged for flare at longer distances, but absolutely superb in the macro range. Eventually – in fact very recently, a couple of years after that review – I purchased my own copy. I was doing a lot of macro and at actual macro distances that lens is in most ways better than all the pricier lenses I’ve tried (though perhaps not as an all purpose short tele with macro).

Of course, inevitably, after I paid my money, Laowa announced a new lens –  a 90mm, built specifically for mirrorless, and a lot more compact, with otherwise similar specs.

Did I blow it? Should I get rid of my recently acquired 100 and get the new 90? Read on and see.





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