Sony FE List – a new tool

After a significant amount of work I am a little proud to present you the complete Sony FE list. The idea was to create a tool which makes it quick to look up and compare the specifications of every fullframe E-mount lens with CPU. You can reach it quickly at

The list isn’t in it’s final form but it felt like it was time let it into the wild. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it or spot a mistake please leave a comment.

As always: Sharing the list is much appreciated :).


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33 thoughts on “Sony FE List – a new tool”

  1. Hi Phillip – This is really cool, however you have an extra lower-case “l” in your web address for the list so folks won’t be able to get to it. Proper address is

  2. Phillip,

    1. Great idea, very nicely implemented. Thank you! ???

    2. Is there a way to download as an Excel file, or any format convertible to Excel? Apologies if this is trivial to all except for me. ??

    Thanks again.

    Jacques Vroom

      1. Thank you. I now see a big part of the problem is trying to save it to an iPad. All easy and lovely when using MacOS! 🙂

  3. A very good and usefull spreadsheet ! Thank you very much !

    I did exactly the same one last month… also with cheap no FE mount lens (minolta, canon nfd…). I put pros and cons too, and a subjective score.
    And I create a second spreadsheet with differents kits ideas. It can be something to add in your.

    And again, congrats, great job !

  4. Great resource! Suggestion: if the ¨Release Date¨ column were YY/MM rather than MM/YY it would sort chronologically. Sorting that column now only serves to show the seasonality of lens releases – interesting, but… Thanks.

    1. W O W !!! Thank you so much for generously sharing and creating this resource 🙂

      Very much appreciated!

  5. Hi,Phillip,I had recently bought a FE mount 7Aritsans 35mm f2 lens, which costed me 84USD. I thought the image quality is good, maybe it could be included in the manual lenses below 99 USD? Thanks for sharing.

  6. My own excel version of this also has the rule-of-thumb blur value (mm/f) and some hyperfocal info. The former is an easy addition to your list that I have found useful in comparing lenses.

  7. Could you add another column with lens focal range type, zoom vs fixed? This would allow one to filter for only zoom, or only fixed.

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