LensTalk Episode 1 – Sigma mirrorless lenses, Legacy lenses and many reviews

In the Episode 1 of LensTalk Bastian, Juriaan and Phillip speculate what we would expect from upcoming Sigma lenses designed for mirrorless, what role legacy lenses have today and we also discuss a number of published and unpublished reviews.

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6 thoughts on “LensTalk Episode 1 – Sigma mirrorless lenses, Legacy lenses and many reviews”

  1. 1:05:01 “Testicle perspective” LOL

    I love you guys talking about the lenses. I hope Sigma make “trade-off lenses” for the brand new mirrorless only lenses like their DC DN aps-c series. Their optical quality is good enough, and the digital correction of the distortion make the lenses pretty light for their image sensor coverage. And they have proper linear motor for fast CDAF or hybrid AF. (That is why there is no lens with USM driven, mechanically coupled focus ring for mirrorless system except semi-native Sigma Arts)


    I have a quick comparison shot from P&I Seoul with XP 50 1.2 and Voigtlaender 50 1.2. The Samyang has better resolution and contrast with lower LoCA in upper body shot distance(~1.5m), but the Samyang has more LaCA, heavier distortion, busier bokeh, and maybe lower light transmission. I have no time for testing 35 1.2, but there is some kind of exhibition, testing area near my home. I don’t know if there is XP 35 1.2, though.

    Please make more episodes, and thanks.

  2. Hi, where are you selling your lenses like the visionar 168 Bastian? I may be interested

  3. Hi. I really enjoyed this episode as well. Thank you.

    It is very interesting and provides interesting insights and perspectives. For example the fall in popularity of the 24mm GM and the reasons behind it. I like and enjoy my 24mm GM but I can understand why others are selling theirs.

    Regarding legacy lenses does the 55mm 1.7 Minolta MC Rokkor still see use?

    Please keep going and make more podcasts.

    1. My Rokkor 55 still sees occasional use.

      Pretty sure we will keep it going as it is fun to have a nice chat anyway and the way we record an publish it now is very little work.

    2. Yes, I considered that bit on the 24 GM (vs. a fast 35 for people) very interesting as well. Noticed as well that environmental portraits are not very flattering for adults placed off-center and close-up with the 24gm and that my 35 1.4 fares much better in this respect. However, for my kids, the 24gm is a viable alternative which offers the option for more context and/or negative space. So I would love to hear how Jannik sees this, as he is in the same situation (kid), but does not have a fast 35 in his one-and-only kit.

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