LensTalk Episode 0

Bastian, Jannik and I met up on Skype and created our very first podcast. It is an experiment and still rather raw, far away from technical perfection but we decided the best way to get started would be to just start and improve along the way.

To improve the podcast so would we greatly appreciate your feedback! So please leave a comment! What did you like? What did you not like? Which topics would you like to be discussed in the podcast?


  1. Bastian got himself an a7III
  2. We discuss the Peak Design travel tripod on Kickstarter
  3. Adapter headaches with the Canon EF 2/200 L IS
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I have two hobbies: Photography and photographic gear. Both are related only to a small degree.

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34 thoughts on “LensTalk Episode 0”

  1. Hi guys!

    So excited for the 1st ever episode from you! Any plan for creating an RSS feed for future episodes so we can subscribe through podcast apps? Thanks!

  2. Hi Gentlemen,
    This episode was a lot of fun to listen to. A good mix of gear and technique and the hurdles you are all seeing.

    I see you posted a podcast feed which has been added to Overcast. I hope to see more episodes in the feed soon.


  3. Very happy to see you guys giving this a try. There are so much potential here. Your manual photographer interview articles would translate very well in this medium. It would also be cool to see you guys explore topics like best lens from each brand, favorite Chinese lens, favorite Soviet lens, etc.

  4. Nice incursion in the podcast format – allows for the coverage of more topics than a review, and also allows for more personal impressions and thoughts to transpire. More like keeping up with the latest developments, products and events in photography, and certainly a format that enriches the blog. It’s also a nice option to be able to listen when you are not in the best spot to read.

    One aspect I think this format could definitively consider exploring – despite the title of the discussion audio format – is a broader discussion of the work of photographers, images and interesting aesthetic proposals coming from photography. I think gear talk is interesting, but ultimately what drives people to acquiring new gear, is their personal work and their strive for a final product they are out to achieve.

    Impoverishing photography as an art form, by relegating it to contest categories qua genres, is a poor prospect for the visual arts of which photography is certainly a part. Photography, no less than painting or other forms of imaging, isn’t there as an art form and body of techniques, to satisfy or serve specific predefined visual or pictorial needs and established practices. As an art form it is there to constantly question, displace and re-invent the forms it has consolidated, as well as the limits of its material support.

    I don’t know if you guys are ultimately and exclusively in it for the more geeky element of digital technology and optics, but I sure would like to see a broader discussion on photography as an art form, beyond the purely technical aspect of equipment.


  5. For the adapter problems. Have you checked the screws on the adapter? I’ve had heavy lenses slowly undo screws on some of my adaptors. And I ended up with very similar symptoms. Tightening the screws fixed the issues for me

  6. Great content
    My suggestion:
    A monthly photo contest within your group, about a specific topic. 1 pict choosen per peer then u discuss it : creative process, pros ) cons etc. Then u try to guess the lens, aperture etc, because its all about GAS.

  7. Hi guys
    why did I end up on your side today of all days? Now I have actually seen this “Kickstarter” thing with the tripod…. and ordered it right away :howl:
    But: very good project; good podcast. Only the sound could be optimized 😉
    Greetings from the southwest

  8. This was really fun to listen to. I hope you will produce more. It is really interesting to hear your differing opinions and the reasons behind them.

    Suggestion: You can ask listeners to suggest topics for new episodes and pick the ones that sound fun for you.

    Question: From the podcast it seems the team would prefer the GM 135mm over the GM 85 mm for natural portrait shots given the faster focusing and better background isolation? Did I get the correct impression?

    Thanks for the great content!

    1. No you did not, for portraiture I prefer the 85.
      The 135 is optimized for fast AF and resolution while the 85 is optimized for pleasant bokeh.

      1. Thank you. Have you had any problems focusing fast enough with the 85mm on your A7III? Not for formal portraits but for capturing natural portraits when the subject is relaxed, say at a party or around the home.

        1. Not at all.
          It might struggle when a child runs towards the camera erratically (did on A7rII, don’t know yet it if still does on A7III) or when you try to take pictures of a dog running towards the camera at f/1.4.
          For any other applications there are no issues whatsoever.
          I have just been using it for a wedding to take half of the shots.

          1. Thank you. If you use the 85 mm GM with your A7III please post an update on how well they work together if you get the chance.

          2. I have no intention to shoot sports, dogs or children running around, so I doubt I will get to that.
            For all I do A7rII is more than good enough already.

  9. thank you for sharing this nice talk. I also was first impresst about the peak design tripod. But it is not jet Finish. Carbon is in my mind the material of choice. I testet a wide range of tripods with the following methode: i put my A7RII with a 200mm Nikon AIS on the tripod and start the video mode.
    If you definate a puls you can messure in the movie witsch time it takes untill the end off the movement. Carbon is by the same model (in my case manfroto 55er Serie)much better.

  10. I have a question according the A7III + Metabones adapter problem. I am also having problems with my metabones IV and my A7III. Sometimes (very rare) my camera freezes. The viewfinder image on the Display freezes. I have to turn the camera off and remove the Adapter. I also cannot reproduce this behavior. I have thought in my case, this might be a mechanical (contact) problem, but i am not shure. I never had this problem with the MC-11 on the A7III or with the Metabones on my A7RII. Because of this I have stopped using the Metabones with my A7III. But now I have got a Canon macro lens and I want to use the special stabilizer of the lens instead of the one in the camera. And only the metabones has options to choose witch IS gets used. Do you have the exact same problem as I do? And have you found a solution yet?

    1. I found the camera regularly freezes with the metabones when I have a face registered, but that might not be your problem.

      Apart from that with the MC-11 the camera will always use the in lens IS, not the one in camera.

      1. Thanks for your reply. In that case i will just go back to the MC-11. I wasn’t shure what the IS does on the MC-11 with non Sigma lenes. I have never registered a face with one of my cameras. As far as, as i can remember in my case the A7III only frozes when I have tried to take a picture.

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