Madeira through the Eyes of a Photographer: Travel-Report

As I am writing this blog post I am on my way back from the island of Madeira where I spent a week with my friend Matt. I enjoyed the trip a lot so I would like to share my experience and my favorite pictures and photo spots with our readers.

On top of Pico Ruvio shortly before sunset overlooking the south of Madeira
Pico do Arieiro shortly after sunrise
A tree fern
Sunrise near Canico

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Review: Lenovo Yoga Book


lenovo yoga book review
Lenovo Yoga Book

I was looking for the smallest and lightest notebook possible to accompany me on my trips. It needed to have a great screen, allow me to move files from one external device to another and to do some minor photo editing from time to time. I was looking at the Ultrabooks at first, but they were still to big and heavy for my taste, so I decided to give this unusual device a try…

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