LensTalk Episode 3: Megapixel shame

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  • David
  • Jannik
  • Phillip


  • Do we need lenses like APO summicron L for Sony, ie no holds barred f2 AF primes?
  • Sony a7rIV or why Phillip should get a new camera
  • A photographic project for Phillip
  • Lenses that have exited us or would excite us
  • What new lenses to expect from Zeiss, Sony and Cosina


LensTalk Episode 1 – Sigma mirrorless lenses, Legacy lenses and many reviews

In the Episode 1 of LensTalk Bastian, Juriaan and Phillip speculate what we would expect from upcoming Sigma lenses designed for mirrorless, what role legacy lenses have today and we also discuss a number of published and unpublished reviews.

LensTalk Episode 0

Bastian, Jannik and I met up on Skype and created our very first podcast. It is an experiment and still rather raw, far away from technical perfection but we decided the best way to get started would be to just start and improve along the way.

To improve the podcast so would we greatly appreciate your feedback! So please leave a comment! What did you like? What did you not like? Which topics would you like to be discussed in the podcast?


  1. Bastian got himself an a7III
  2. We discuss the Peak Design travel tripod on Kickstarter
  3. Adapter headaches with the Canon EF 2/200 L IS