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How to: Correcting Color Cast in Lightroom


Color cast of Funleader 18mm 8.0 on Leica M10

Leica users where the first to discover that their old compact wide angle lenses with the rear element close to the film/sensor plane have some color cast issues on digital cameras. This is an issue that cannot fully be solved by the optical design – at least when following the quest to create compact lenses. But there is something we can do: fix this in post. How to do it? I will show you in this article.

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Analogue Adventures – Part 3: Getting things fixed


Topless M6

It has been two months since the second part of this series so some of you might have thought the analogue adventures already terminated, but the truth is “getting things fixed” took way longer than initially expected. So this time let’s have a look at these things and if you can learn anything from my mistakes.

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Vignetting Graphs Explained


Sigma 35mm 1.2 Art DG DN

In our reviews we usually give figures for the vignetting of the lens and thanks to a reader with programming skills I got the opportunity to extend this and show you some fancy graphs how the vignetting changes when stopping the lens down. You will get the fancy graphs, but there are some caveats we need to talk about first.

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