Lens Guides Updated and Upgraded

As you may or may not know we have several guides on fullframe E-mount lenses:

Keeping these guides up to date takes a lot of time but I nevertheless try to do it on a yearly basis.

That time has come again so I just spent about 3 weeks doing exactly that, this means many new lenses have been added and the prices and also the recommendations for many lenses have been updated.

On top of that all the guides contain a small thumbnail picture of the lens in question now, to get a better idea of their dimensions and also to make it easier to identify a lens where there has been more than one revision already.

Long term readers may also notice that the former 21-35mm wideangle guide (which hasn’t been updated in years) has been modified to the 20-28mm range, mainly to remove the unnecessary overlap with the 35mm guide. All the ultra wideangle zooms can be found in the 9-18mm ultra wideangle guide (and the general FE guide).
Unless the general FE guide the other guides also contain some obscure, adapted and/or legacy lenses that might (still) be interesting today – some are also listed as a warning.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the guides again. I am sure I forgot something (some lenses I might have left out deliberately though) and I am also sure there are some typos or other mistakes, as all the guides together have accumulated 40.000 words now. So if you find something that doesn’t look right just drop a comment or get in contact with me on Social Media.

If you found these guides helpful, you can support us by:

  • Using one of our affiliate links if you buy a lens (or anything else, diapers, tools, groceries), won’t cost you anything extra but helps us a lot.
  • If you own an interesting and/or exotic lens and you would be willing to part with it for a few weeks for us to write a review just leave a note.
  • It also helps a lot if you share this article on social media and with your photographer friends.

I also made some observations updating these guides that I thought might be worth sharing:

  • The prices of many Voigtländer lenses have been reduced significantly, personally I think many prices better reflect the actual value of those lenses now.
  • Also the prices of many Laowa lenses have been reduced, some of them significantly and in fact my favorite Laowa lenses are also among those (9mm 5.6 / 15mm 2.0 / 35mm 0.95) which makes them easier to recommend to you.
  • The prices of many Sony, Zeiss and even a few Tamron lenses on the other hand have increased. Actually most of the Zeiss lenses look pretty overpriced compared to some of the lenses the competitors released in the meantime, consider checking out the used market for the Loxia/Batis lenses.
  • All of Sony’s MK II lenses (or generally their latest releases) are very compelling and in every case a great update over the predecessor. Don’t buy any of the early/older Sony FE lenses new (especially the ZA ones), it is not worth it.
  • All the Sigma DG DN lenses are also a great improvement over the old former DSLR designs with built-in adapter of which most seem to have been discontinued by now (not so sure yet about the new 50mm 1.4 DG DN though).
  • Some of the latest Samyang lenses look really good, especially the 50mm 1.4 AF MKII and 135mm 1.8 AF but also the 85mm 1.4 AF MKII and 24mm 1.8 AF. I was never really happy with any of their lenses in the past, but I decided to try and get a hold of some of the newer ones and review them. They might have finally hit the mark.


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