Voigtlander 50mm F2 APO-Lanthar announced

Voigtlander just announced a new 50mm F2 APO-Lanthar in E-mount.


Diameter 63 mm
Length 61 mm
Filter Thread 49 mm
Weight (no hood, no caps) 364g
Max. Magnification ~1:7
Close Focusing Distance from the sensor 0.45 m
Number of aperture blades 12
Elements/ Groups 10/8

Price and Release date not released yet.

Data based on this source. No official release from Cosina directly yet.

First thoughts

Our praise for the optical performance of the 2/65 APO and 2.5/110 APO was very high indeed. The only real issue with both is that their weight and size makes them less ideal as everyday lenses. And the 2/50 adresses that.

So this sounds like a really interesting lens for those who want a lens well suited for a 61MP sensor. We expect the Voigtlander to outperform any other current 50mm lens in terms of sharpness across the frame and CA-correction.  For now that is just a guess but I think it is a safe one based on the performance of the other two APO-Lanthars.

One interesting question is how the bokeh will compare to less well corrected lenses like Voigtlander’s own 1.2/50.

We will try get out hands on one as soon as possible but we have no idea when that will be.

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I like to be outside with my camera and I am also a gear head with a love for manual lenses.

34 thoughts on “Voigtlander 50mm F2 APO-Lanthar announced”

      1. Können Sie in die Zukunft schauen? Ich wünschte mir mehr ein 28 mm 1.4, dies sei dringender auf dem Sony FE Markt. Von den 50 mm Objektiven einschließlich den 45-55 mm Objektiven gibt es reichlich am Markt, kreativ nach Neuem sieht es gerade nicht aus bei Voigtländer, der Preis für dieses Glas (f2) wird wie viel denn kosten, weit über 1000,- Euro wieder? Wenn die Zukunft KI überall implantiert wird und VL weiterhin nur manuelles anbietet, dann werden sie die Härte des Marktes spüren. Aber auf eine Überprüfung freue ich mich von Ihnen natürlich, nehmen Sie mir meinen ersten Satz nicht übel, das kann man schreiben oder?
        Ein großes Vorbild sollte für VL das Sony FE 35 mm 1.8 sein, da stimmt für mich sogar der Preis mit allem Drumherum.

        1. Ich wünschte mir ein 28 mm 1.4, dies würde auf dem Sony FE Markt dringender gebraucht werden.

          Entschuldigung, aber beim Schreiben werden manche Wörter weggelassen und unkontrolliert wiedergegeben, liegt vielleicht an mir! Deshalb füge ich diesen Satz nach.

    1. Totally with you on that Apo Lanthar series, Vaugh 😉 Just yesterday I was about to pull the trigger on the 35mm & 50mm, Loxias, phew! My 65 and 110mm Apo Lanthar lenses are my favorite pieces of glass, and I use them for everything, especially landscape. The announcement of a 50mm Apo Lanthar just made me jump and touch the ceiling 🙂 Yessss!

      Now the only thing missing – please hear me, Cosina/Voigtländer – is a 35mm f/1.8 Apo Lanthar, and of course the 180mm. Great news, Phillip 🙂

      Schöne Grüße aus DC

  1. I’m using 61MP a7r4 and Voigtlaender 50 1.2. I’m quite happy with the results. Of course at closest distance, wider than F4 is a total mess, but at portrait distance it is acceptable.

    I’ve tested my 50 1.2 against my Sony 55 1.8 on A7m3. 55 1.8 has very even sharpness, but at center 50 1.2 is actually sharper and contrastier. Considering its given weight and aperture, I’m quite confident APO Lanthar 50 2.0 would be optically better than the 55 1.8.

  2. I’m a little bit annoyed that this lens didn’t exist when I got my Loxia 50.
    But at least it looks larger. Maybe I can resist and don’t give up the Loxia, which fits my needs totally well.

  3. Also very excited to see this announcement and looking forwards to seeing how it performs, particularly compared to the 65mm.

    As a more general comment, thank you very much for all the great content and images that you post for us all. Really appreciated, thanks.

      1. Whats wrong with the 28mm F1.4 by 7artisans? To me it seems like a pretty good lens – if it werent too narrow for my taste Id have bought it right after reading your review. With the sony 28f2 theres also an OKish alternativ.

        At least for me, a native 25mm color Skopar would hit the sweet spot in terms of image quality, focal lenght, size, weight and price. Loxia is bigger and pretty expensive and 21mm are too wide. I find it pretty challenging to use…

  4. when I want light lenses, have looked at 50 mm 3.5 Heliar, now the choice will be different. Also see that Zeiss Ventum is an optics family of interest

  5. Wondering if you could throw some thoughts. I used 1.2 Nokton lenses and settled with 40mm 1.2 lens, which stays on my camera all the time. Why this f2 at similar price point should be interesting? At 1.2 40mm lens is sharp wide open and at f2 it’s crazy sharp. Why would buyer consider this lens?

    1. Looking at the review section of our review I don’t see excellent across the frame sharpness. Sure for most purposes sharpness the 1.2/50 more than good enough but it is not on the same level as for example the 2/65 APO.

  6. Now I have a quandary: buy the Nokton f/1.2 50mm or wait for this? I’m still thinking the former as bokeh looks superb and I think I’d like to prioritise speed over optical precision but I’m not surr, not sure at all…

    1. Natürlich, können Sie Sitzungen im Freien tätigen und auch mit Blitz können Sie arbeiten, sämtliche Fotografien sind machbar, sogar Unterwasseraufnahmen mit Schutzgehäuse sind möglich.

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