Nikon Nikkor 35mm f/2.8

Nikon Nikkor 35mm f/2.8 

Nikon 35mm f/2.8



The Nikon 35mm f/2.8 (affiliate link) is a relatively small 35 mm  legacy lens. Although it has some weaknesses it is currently one of my favorite lenses. In this review I discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this lens.  Most sample pictures can be found in this Flickr album.

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Working with Tilt/Shift lenses


canon tilt shift ts-e pc-e perspective control TS T/S sony adapter how to
Canon TS-E 17mm 4.0L via Sigma MC-11 on Sony A7rII

Tilt/Shift lenses are rather exotic, they are mostly used for architecture or table top photography, and with the wide availability of post processing (correcting converging vertical lines and focus stacking) you see them very rarely nowadays, even amongst professional photographers .
In this article I will tell you what Tilt/Shift lenses are all about and what they can be used for.

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