Canon FD 20mm 1:2.8 Review

The Canon FD 20mm 2.8 is an affordable wideangle lens (around $200 mid 2015) which performs well on the Alpha 7. I have owned and used my copy for more than a year now and wanted to share my experience with you.

Canon FD 20mm 1:2.8 | Novoflex E-mount adapter attached

Sample Images

Sony a7 | f/11
Sony a7 | f/2.8
Sony a7 | f/5.6
Rursee in Flammen
Sony a7 | f8
Lake District
Sony a7 | f/11


CANON FD 20 2.8
Length 62mm
Diameter 78mm
Weight 305g
Filter Thread 72mm
Aperture Blades 6
Short focusing distance 25cm

The Canon FD 2.8/20 at | (affiliate links)

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My thoughts about the Sony Alpha 7r II

So Sony announced their newest flagship camera and it got a lot of hype. And after my initial enthusiasm cooled down a bit I collect my thoughts and ask myself the essential question: Would the a7rII improve my photography if I upgraded from my Alpha 7?


Image quality

The specs tell us that the camera will sport a 42MP back side illuminated (BSI) sensor.

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Useful Accessory for the Sony Alpha 7: A L-Bracket

What is a L-bracket?

A L-bracket is a peace of metal which serves about three functions:

  • It makes it possible to mount the camera in portrait orientation on a tripod
  • It is a more solid connection to the camera than quick release plates because it has a much bigger area of contact to the camera.
  • It increases the size of the grip and makes holding the camera easier.
my L-bracket

For me an L-brackets has improved the everyday experience of my Sony Alpha 7 and I think too few people know about L-brackets so I want to share my experience in this post.

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Old against New: Zeiss 2.8/28 vs Sony FE 2/28 vs Minolta MC 2/28

I wanted to see how my new FE 2/28 compares against my older manual lenses, so I ran a comparison between four lenses:

  • The Minolta MD 2.8/28 is very small, light and affordable
  • The Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8/28 T* enjoys a very good reputation and it is a bit more expensive at around 250€.
  • The Minolta MC 2/28 is the oldest and fastest of the bunch, it was introduced in 1975. My copy has some fungus in it and other copies might be better.
  • The Sony FE 2/28 is brand new and the most expensive one at 450€.
Minolta MD 2.8/28 | Zeiss 2.8/28 | Sony FE 2/28 | Minolta MC 2/28

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