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A look into Phillip’s camera bag – September 2019 Edition

After the favorite lenses series fell dormant I thought it would be interesting to give an update on our current gear which has changed a bit and change the format a bit at the same time. So feel invited to have a look into my camera bags.

If you purchase the lens through one of the affiliate-links in this article I get a small compensation with no additional cost to you. 

The Bag

I use a Think Tank Turnstyle 10 V2. The bag fits a camera and 3 medium sized lenses.The biggest argument for a shoulder bag to me is quick access and that it is more ergonomic to carry than a messenger bag. The bag works really well for not that long hikes without a backpack and when I am on my bike. I have carried it besides a daypack on longer hikes and that is anything but enjoyable. A Mindshift Gear 180° Panorama Backpack would be a much better solution but those are expensive.

The bag just feels like a very well made, well engineered product from a company which knows how to make good bags. After nearly two years of constant use it shows few signs of wear. Even though I forgot to close the zip several times I never lost a lens thanks to its clever design which keeps lenses from falling out. It also comes with a waist strap you can easily stow away in one of the many pockets. The strap is a big help when I am on a bike. The bag comes with a cape for bad weather and has many smaller pockets so packing away accessories is easy. | (affiliate links)

The Camera

I am still using my good old Sony a7II which I bought in July 2016. I know that a a7rIII would be a much nicer camera but that doesn’t make the a7II a bad camera for my needs. I rarely actually feel limited by it so spending 1500€ to upgrade doesn’t seem to be that smart an idea. That doesn’t mean that I am tempted to upgrade.

The Lenses

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Travel report: A journey through the Balkans

Travel report: A journey through the Balkans

Last two years I already visited (by airplane) the Balkan countries Montenegro and Albania for a hiking vacation with my girlfriend and a photography trip with my photo buddy Rick. The wild nature of the Balkans attracts me a lot. As the Balkans are not well known yet, and a lot of people from West Europe think its still dangerous there (most area’s are safe nowadays), you can walk around in the mountains without seeing anyone for a whole day.
The Balkan countries also have very nice, often old cities at the Adriatic coast which are touristic, but not nearly as those in e.g. Italy.

Below you can find a few pictures from my trip last year, which convinced me to go back again this year.  Most photo’s of this year can be found in high resolution here. The timelapse video my friend Rick made is also worth checking.

a7s | Samyang 14mm t/3.1 | Montenegro 2018
a7ii | Loxia 2/50 | Montenegro 2018
a7s | Voigtländer 4.5/15 | Montenegro 2018
a7s | Samyang 14mm t/3.1 | Montenegro 2018

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Review: Thinktank Retrospective 5 and 7 shoulder bag


review thinktankphoto think tank retrospective should bag photography photographer foto photo best comfortable
Retrospective 5

Camera bags. We are all looking for the perfect one that is bigger on the inside than the outside. Over the years I tried a whole lot, but when it comes to shoulder bags I always come back to the Thinktankphoto Retrospective Series. So find out why this is the perfect shoulder bag for me.

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Short-Review: Benro 150mm Filterholder for Canon TS-E 17mm 4.0 L


Benro 150mm Filter Holder for Canon TS-E 17mm 4.0 L

I am always looking for new photography related accessories that might be useful for what I do. Furthermore when holding a workshop or going out with other photographers I constantly have a closer look at other equipment that I wouldn’t have bought myself to see how it works in the field.

Unfortunately every once in a while I come across a product flawed by design (sometimes deeply) and then usually the Team of has the misfortune of listening to my complaints. They suggested to make a series out of this so others might be warned about these products. This is one of these flawed products.

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